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VR Home Tour

At Juz Interior, you only start renovating your home when you are 100% sure of it. With our virtual reality (VR) home tour, you will be able to preview your future home and avoid costly interior design mistakes before renovation starts.

How We Work


At a free, non- obligatory consultation, we’ll sketch the home you’ve always visualized.


Think we’re a good fit? Let’s sign a contract. We’ll discuss materials and accessories in greater detail.


Enjoy a stress-free renovation with our own team of experienced craftsmen.


Complete your home with our help picking furnishing and decorations.

After Care

Despite our quality workmanship, things do wear and tear. Under our warranty program, we offer repair services.

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At Juz Interior, we’re committed to creating a space you’ll love. Specialized in transforming Singapore’s residential spaces, we design functional yet beautiful homes. Whatever your style or budget, we’re reliable interior designers you can trust.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Not at all! While the best time to engage an ID is 3 months before your key collection, we can work with you to build to your desired specifications.

A: While the homes in the simulation videos you see may appear to be rather high-end, you will be surprised to know that many BTO/HDB homeowners have taken advantage of this system to reduce miscommunication with their designers. This leads to faster handover because of higher clarity of the renovation process.

A: With this system, you can customize every detail in your home renovation. Rather than burning a hole in homeowners’ pockets, it has proven to help homeowners finish their dream homes within their set budget.

A: We have absorbed the cost of using this system to visualize your home renovation. You may be pleasantly surprised that the value of a simulation for your home interior typically costs SGD 800 to produce. In our effort to reduce uncertainty and improve accuracy of what the designer visualizes and what the homeowner gets, we are radically stepping up from the limitations of static 3D drawings. This gives homeowners confidence to build their dream home with us, we save time with less miscommunications and help more homeowners.

A: Homeowners realize that through a VR home tour, they are better able to keep within their renovation budget without fear of bursting it. This is thanks to the realistic experience they get, so it keeps the guesswork to a minimal. Complex things like how the cabinet doors should be configured, how they open doors without obstructing themselves cannot be shown on 3D drawings, but a VR home tour lets you simulate opening and closing of doors.

Changing the floor tiles and colours of the home used to involve a long turnaround time as designers need to get back to their computers and take hours to generate another preview. With the VR home tour, the selection is instantly replaceable at the click of a mouse. Imagine the time you save when you discuss the home renovation using this system instead of 3D drawings.

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